Finally an owner

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Finally an owner

Post by GavinG » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:46 pm

Introducing my XE R-Sport in Carpathian Grey!




I’ve been talking about getting one of these for a couple years now (‘cos they’re gorgeous!) – I’m coming from an A6 3L V6 with a CVT, so the pure power and smoothness of the transmission I’m not going to compare (that 3L would do 50mpg also!)
I hope to be a relatively active member of the forum, I tend to want to make ‘my mark’ on cars when I get them and it wouldn’t be unusual to see the dashboard taken out of a car in my first week of ownership 😃 – plus I tend to document any modification nonsense I get into and post it to owners forums.
Bit of a shame to see the quick config options aren’t as plentiful as they were on previous cars, for example with the A6 you could connect in with a laptop, an ODBC dongle and some VCDS software and make changes such as e.g. having rear lights come on with DRL’s (yes that was optional!), adjusting level of brightness of DRL’s etc etc - just loads of little simple changes, there were literally pages of little things you could turn on or off, super handy, but anyway.

It’s only 2016, I was kinda aiming for 2018, but I fell in love with this colour and it was pretty well spec’d;
Pano roof
19” alloys
Remote services (need to organise a subscription I guess, ‘cos out of warranty)
Nice blue illumination in the doors that goes well with the cream/black interior (this may be standard illum I dunno)
Electric sunshade thing for rear window (I really don’t know what the use of that is!)
– plus it only has 38k miles with Jag service history and paint work is in very good condition, it has swirls from car washing but these will come out with a polish when I drop it with a detailer.

Things I’ve already done:
Have already changed the bulbs in the boot and footwells to LED, the rest are already LED

Hardwired Dashcam

Things I’m gonna do:
I posted a couple weeks ago looking advice on this very car, claiming to have the meridian 380 system, but with no meridian badges on the door speakers, but I went with it anyway – so yeah, it’s not great, not unusable, but not great.
I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it lacks “warmth”, highs are quite shrill, even when lowered to minimum in sound settings, there’s no bass at low volumes, like, none.
So I might start with replacement door speakers, or a sub – probably an under-seat sub – I dunno , I’m not going to put too much effort/money into it.

LED bulbs for the indicators, front and rear.

Dynamic indicators for the side mirrors – on the way, easy 5 minute job.

Puddle lights in the door bottoms, if I can identify a way to get wiring into the door I’ll take a feed off the footwell lights (what a design they are btw, no expense spent!)

Footwell lights, for both front and rear, I have some LED strips and EL wire coming which should match the blue colour of the factory illumination, I’ll resistor it down to a very subtle level – should be easy enough to find a feed that comes on with the lights.

Extra door illumination, I’ll try some of the same EL wire from above to see how it looks, I’ll just whip it out if it looks too fast too furious.

Might change the alloys. Might.

Tl;dr – here’s my car

PS: I noticed this connector in the boot, my best guess is it's for rear speakers? If they are, they're unlikely to be 'live' right? It'll be easy enough to work out, but I live in an apartment block and so all my tools are out at my mothers and I can only get out there at the weekends




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Re: Finally an owner

Post by BruceTheQuail » Fri Apr 16, 2021 8:06 pm

The car looks great. With the stereo sometimes different media has different sound, so try USB vs (say) bluetooth before spending up big, our cars over here dont come with CD players anyway (CD's are what we used in the middle ages after the the Great Cassette Wars which decimated the Cartridge Clan), I am getting very good sound quality out of spotify which plays very well on the incontrol system, although you have to download the songs otherwise it is glitchy.

For wheels I am quite partial to the diamond cut venoms that you already have but Jag wheels are made out of very heavy material, you can get a fantastic handling improvement (not that it needs it) by shaving off some kilos at each corner by fitting some nice flow forged wheels. I wouldnt bother spending money on OEM wheels, they are all heavy as buggery, Jag have managed to make their F Type forged wheels extremely heavy as well.

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Re: Finally an owner

Post by pauljobr » Fri Apr 16, 2021 8:41 pm

The car looks lovely in Carpathian Grey, extra cost colour so not common.
Looking forward to seeing your enhancements
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Re: Finally an owner

Post by Ian0304 » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:36 am

Lovely car in the best colour in my opinion and very rare. I was looking for carpathian for months and couldn’t find one with my minimum spec so opted for my second choice corris with my essentials. The black pack looks great on the corris but standard suits yours great against the darker grey. If you are considering selling your wheels I’d be interested as I’ve been trying to source a decent set for an age without success. Can get black no problem but much prefer standard. Enjoy and looking forward to your modifications.
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Re: Finally an owner

Post by warrenag » Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:17 am

Nice car and glad to see someone whos willing to try new lighting and mods out. Lighting is especially something not many people have added / changed. I'm planning on retrofitting the full extended ambient lighting just finding the right parts at the moment. I've added some useful guides and mods below for you to try.

If its meridian it will say on the front door speakers and you would be able to check in sound settings by the amount of sliders it presents.

For the puddle lighting, you have to take the door card off and cut out the slot where they would be fitted with something like a dremel. You can then get OEM fit plastic holders and Jag logo bulbs and wire from the footwell lights.

For extended lighting again there is a run for an EL wire type light in the lowest pocket of the door, one over each dashboard lower vent and one under the gear selector which would all need splicing off other components.

Finally for the LED indicators and brake lights front and rear you will have to put an inline resistor spliced into the cable which is more hassle than its worth. You can swap the reverse light out to LED though for a big improvement. I'd reccomend for all the lighting:
T15 955 W16W Amber Yellow Canbus LED 80W Cree W2.1 x 9.5d Capless Wedge 921 × 2
For the resistors:

Credit to the people who uploaded below but all workshop manuals and wiring diagrams: ... HR3cVFkMTA ... al-209611/

Other mods you could consider are:
  • Various interior trims from aliexpress
    Illuminated genuine door sills
    Aluminium genuine gear paddles
    2018 style sliding cupholder
    2019 style frameless rear view mirror
    Vinyl wrap the dashboard riva hoop and gear surround
    Aluminium gear selector
    Aluminium sports pedals
    Wireless charger pad
  • Black pack exterior (grille, strakes and side vents wrapped or painted)
    Brake caliper refurb (red, yellow etc)
    Front splitter
    Rear diffuser
    Rear boot lip spoiler
    Rear light tint
    Exhaust tips
    Black badges
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Re: Finally an owner

Post by Jeff123 » Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:32 am

You might find that the best modification is the vinyl protector on the back of the sills!
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