Excessive stone chipping.

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Excessive stone chipping.

Post by Hillmangt » Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:43 pm

I washed my car on Monday after a 400 mile journey from Scotland. I cannot believe the amount of chips that I collected on the journey.
About 25 new bonnet chips, one on rear passenger door and the worst one just behind the fuel filler. I have driven the journey many times in various vehicles and twice before in my Jag but have never suffered so much damage all over the car. Had the occasional stone hit which is inevitable.
The car was cleaned in Scotland and was fine after the journey north.
I didn’t hear anything untoward so have no idea what was on the road to cause it. I can only think that some debris must have been on the road in one of the many motorway improvement scheme roadworks or possibly deicing grit is still on the carriageway due to reduced usage.
I now have a lot of touching up to do which is a pain as its so time consuming to get it right.
Happy Days.
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Re: Excessive stone chipping.

Post by DABroke » Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:21 pm

I agree, it's amazing how some of these chips occur.

I think your assumption that you have driven through a particularly bad section of road with a lot of debris on it is more than likely.

When I had my car new I was paranoid about getting it chipped or marked, but of course in the end its inevitable given that the modern paints do not seem to have the chip resistance of the cellulose based paint that was used before.

With my car I did consider having PPF applied but on reflection the cost was too much at the time, so just resigned myself to having to have some correction work done at some point in the future.
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